Seasonal, Heart-Healthy Holiday Foods

Deck the halls, but don’t ditch your diet! Stay heart-healthy with seasonal, healthy foods.

For many, the holidays are the most wonderful — and least heart-healthy — time of the year.
Grandma’s fudge is a sentimental favorite, and the neighbor’s cake balls are a decadent habit. Indulging a little won’t hurt — but planning ahead will make for merry meals that are healthy too.


12 Thirty-Minute Clean Eating Dinners Under 380 Calories

Cooking after a hard day at work can be a real chore! But, if you’re aiming to eat clean, you know that wholesome, minimally processed ingredients are the key to a good (and healthy) meal. Whether you plan to take our 10 day Clean Eating Challenge, or just want to make healthier meals in general,


9 Foods to Avoid Before a Workout

by Kristina LaRue –

What to eat before working out is an important consideration for many active folks, but whatnot to eat is just as key for an awesome exercise sesh. Exercise requires a large volume of blood to be pumped to working muscles. Consequently, blood flow to the stomach is reduced during exercise.

Guide to Portion Sizes

The Beginners Guide to Portion Sizes

by Lindsay Cotter –

Do you ever go out to eat or grab a quick snack at the store only to find out that the snack bag or chicken salad was actually three servings not one? It’s so frustrating. What is a recommended portion size when it comes to a meal or a food group?


12 Workout Myths That Just Need To Go Away

For every two fitness truths, there’s a lie, and sometimes it’s hard to determine which is which. (Especially when it’s something many of us have just assumed for as long as we can remember.) So, now presenting: Mythbusters, Fitness Edition. Letting go of these 12 fitness misconceptions will help you get better, faster, stronger,
Energy Drinks

Cardiac complications from energy drinks? Case report adds new evidence

The high levels of caffeine in energy drinks may lead to cardiac complications, suggests a case report in the July/August Journal of Addiction Medicine, the official journal of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). The journal is published by Wolters Kluwer.

The case adds to previous reports of adverse cardiovascular events related to consuming energy drinks,

Hall Family

Gretchen’s story: A blue baby and living legend

“I was very lucky to be born when I was,” says Gretchen Hall, talking about her congenital heart disease.

Born a “blue baby” in 1960, Gretchen’s parents were told that her chances of living very long were low. Her parents prayed she would be with them for a year.

Gretchen was born with cyanotic heart disease,


Wearable technology tracks heart health

By Maureen McFadden |

Posted: Wed 6:13 PM, Jul 20, 2016  |

This is not your father’s heart-rate monitor. Wearable, stretchable electronics can now monitor several body functions and instantaneously send the information to a doctor. Here are more details on how the implications could be huge for patients in sickness and in health.

Closeup view of scales on a floor and kids feet

Complications of obesity in children and adolescents

It should come as no surprise that obesity can bring a multitude of short and long-term health complications for adults. Unfortunately, this epidemic doesn’t stop there. Obesity in children and adolescents is a growing concern, as experts continue to study the role that obesity plays in jeopardizing the overall health and lifespan of today’s children.

Heart Working Out

Cardiologist-approved workout tips

Heart experts weigh in on the why’s and how’s of exercising to improve heart health.

When you get your blood pumping during exercise, you are doing your body — and heart — good! Exercise benefits every muscle, including your heart,